Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Eating, eating and more eating

I'm actually getting rather tired of this blog challenge.

I needed something to kick start me on my writing again... and well... it worked. My paper journal was brought out again (and actually filled, I need a new one!)... and I have this urge to continue writing here, but this challenge keeps getting in my way.

I think I'll slog on with it for now, but it feels like it is getting silly.
If it was suppose to help me begin writing again, or to be creative, or stand on my head... whatever.. then I suppose it did it's trick, but some of the challenges are just boring.

My favorite place to eat, well that isn't silly... and I could talk about eating establishments for hours, suppose that could get boring... but a few of the challenges coming up.. I just don't know... I may just skip some of them... or how about I really shake things up and not do it in order anymore???
Now that is more like me anyway... you never know what your gonna get, and if you don't like it then fine.. your problem not mine.  (hmm..that doesn't sound so nice written down in word)

Anyhow ....back to the challenge, my favorite place to eat.

Wow.. this is tougher than I thought.

I suppose it could be the Olive Garden... I think of it as me and my daughters place to go.. nice in a family restaurant kind of way, but not too Smittys like if you get my drift.  And I love the food.. mmm bread sticks.

Another favorite is the Grizzly Paw in Canmore. I don't know why exactly... it is noisy and busy... but the food portions are good and the price is okay.... and it's in Canmore in the mountains near hiking and dog sledding trails.. well okay I like the food too... the nachos are the biggest portion I've ever had... at $20 well worth sharing between 4 people as a meal with their own brewed beer or rootbeer.  If in Canmore...I suggest it for sure.

But when I'm on my own and need a lunch or dinner out I like to go to an Edo diner.. not in a mall... I really like the stir fry, but it has been the best place to people watch ever.  I'm not sure if it is the type of people that eat there or the way the tables are set up... but seriously I have had some amazing people experiences here... I know odd.

Oh.. and the bestest ever Donairs are in Cochrane at a little joint on main street snuggled in beside Rexall drugs.. the best since I was a young adult and would frequent a place on Young Street in Toronto (which sadly is gone now)

My son and I had the best ever nachos in Edmonton on Whyte Ave. in an Irish pub. Instead of nacho chips they used thinly sliced potatoes.. it was to die for.. and although I could physically take you there, I do not remember the name of the place.

I cannot really pick a favorite... I love to eat out (cause I don't have to cook)... and I can usually find something good about anywhere I go... but a favorite?
I guess I'm on the hunt for a small intimate place kinda romantic when with your partner, but perfect for close conversation with a good friend. A place that also has good food at a reasonable price... if anyone knows of something that fits this description let me know.

Hmm I'm hungry... wish I had time to fly into Phils... the best place for the best breakfast.  I love their omelets filled with fresh mushrooms, cheese and bacon with a side of hash browns and a huge fluffy pancake.. I usually get this for mothers day.. however this year the men in my life are busy on Sunday... so it'll have to wait.

Good eating everyone.


Brianne said...

The best donairs are actually from this little place in Halifax.... And we'll go out for an extra late Mother's Day breakfast at Phils when I get home.

Insomnia said...

Sounds like a great plan... however I am going to have to take you to this Donair shop in Cochrane... it's pretty good.. don't know how it could be beat.