Monday, May 9, 2011

Dream Wedding, Wedding Dreams

Challenge #20 asks what is your dream wedding.

Well I'm already married... have been married for almost 27 years....

and my wedding, although not my dream wedding is done and to be honest with you I really wouldn't want to do it over again.
The planning and the organizing, the money spent, it just seems like too much work for me now.

However I had this great plan for our 25th wedding anniversary, which also didn't happen, but would have been fun. A different way to re-new our marriage vows.
I would like to go to Las Vegas with friends and family.... anyone who would like to come along... we would rent a limo and cram everyone into it.. even if it meant sitting on each others laps... oh, and Elvis needs to be driving the vehicle.
We would then go to the Drive In Chapel to do the vows....then off for a party on the strip...
I just went hunting for a picture to add.. and found that you can actually go through in a pink Cadillac.. and it looks silly fun.. but IF we did have friends come.. then the limo it would be (it says up to 12 can join us)

Not overly romantic.. but fun for sure.... however the add says that Elvis sings romantic songs before and after the ceremony.... can't get much more romantic than that, and there is this amazing room that I want to stay in while there... maybe for our 30th?

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