Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mixed Feelings

I'm home.
On Mothers Day.

In the past I've been taken out for breakfast/brunch, but this year my husband is working at his shop and has stolen my son to do so.
They both left early in the day... and I probably wont see the hubby until later tonight... the boy is going back to his home in another town right from the shop. 
My girl is far away... although I did have a nice talk with her this morning.

I\m feeling rather sorry for myself ... and did I mention that I'm bored?
Well I'm bored!
No car to get me anywhere.. and it's raining outside.... and... well, I'm bored.

So... I might as well do the next challenge.

#19 Tells me to put my ipod on to shuffle and share my first 10 songs....

Alrighty then, here they are with links.... so enjoy... or not (depending on your taste I suppose).. and it is just a very small taste of what I enjoy as there are almost 7000 songs on my ipod.

1. Eagles; Hotel California

2. Great Big Sea: Going Up

3. The Real Mckenzies; Pour Decision

4. The Toasters; Don't Let the Bastards Grind you Down

5. Sublime; Caress Badfish

6. Frank Sinatra; That's Life

7. Flogging Molly; Float

8. Beatles; We Can Work It Out

9. Brian Setzer Orchastra; Jump Jive An' Wail

10. Samshing Pumpkins: In the Arms of Sleep

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