Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Looking Forward

Challenge13 is asking me what I am looking forward to the most.

The two words 'looking forward' mean so much to me. 
Yet cliches pop into my head. 
Never look back... always look forward.

Looking as in seeing, hoping to see?  Forward.. ahead.. the future.

My looking forward holds happiness and sadness for me.... the things I look forward to the most are intermingled with sadness and the passing of time to get to these happy times.

My immediate future I look forward to Friday night and the monthly consumption of poultry wings and too much alcohol... I will not enjoy the Saturday morning as I awake to head to work possibly.

My baby girl comes home in just over 2 weeks time.
I only get to see her once a year.. twice if I'm lucky.
And to have her home for 3 months is enough to make me giggle madly with happiness.  I can't wait!!
I will try not to smother her as I follow her around the house pinching her so that I can see it is all real... no, I suppose she will have to pinch me.

A weekend away with a best bud to the mountains to hike.. becoming a yearly ritual... I always look forward to spending time together, just her and I... and we actually don't get into any trouble.. one of these days..

Summer... Seeing my baby boy in a Shakespearean production... (I hope) and a family holiday maybe?

Then there is the visit of my bestest friend from the past this September.. a high school buddy/trouble maker is coming to spend an entire week with me!!  Just the two of us as I show her around this great province.  A spa time, girly time, our time... it will be wonderful to catch up after all these years.. just the two of us.

Yet getting to that time also means the saying goodbye to BOTH my babies as they leave for their own lives..  my girl back in Nova Scotia, my boy in Toronto.

So you can see my dilemma of trying to look forward with happiness and anticipation, when there is some sadness involved... however.. that said.  I'm so happy and excited for both my kids and what their future holds for them.

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