Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Day Lenny and Matthew Saved my Life

Without going into too much detail as to who, what, where when and why I have to 'try' and detail the events that led to how Lenny and Matthew saved my life, and ultimately the life of my 'co-worker'.

 I share a small capsule with a fellow space traveller that orbits us around the planet for way too many miles which has recently put a strain on my lower back and a twinge in my sciatica.  I'm dealing with this by trying to configulate (not a real word, I know) the seating system to accommodate the many hours spent in one position.  
Not much communication goes on between the two of us as we spend many hours in deep concentration at the task at hand, so instead music is played to pass the time.

However there is a chain of command that follows the order within our capsule that does not easily allow for all types of music to make it's way to the state of the art CD player on our dash.  I will not go into the whys as explained above.... and I don't know if I could easily explain it anyway.

The problem with this music lately is that a very skinny screechy Canadian (sadly) woman has been blaring her nasally, and did I say screechy, voice through the speakers.  The singer (and I say that term loosely) is Celine Dion.   I really HATE Celine Dion.. I cringe when I hear her.  I'm not sure I could explain easily as to why I feel this strongly but guess that it has to do with the fact that she yells in every freaking song she sings.
The other problem is that this singer *cough* is a favorite of my fellow space traveller and is played LOTS.

Today was the worst day yet.  I kept track and the speakers crackled with this horrible noise for a total of 4.5 hours today!!!!   Add this auditory torture to the pain running down my right leg and you have a recipe for disaster.

Thank my lucky karma I remembered to put my ipod in my bag today.

Lenny Kravitz was the first to help me drown out the killer sounds, and then Matthew Good joined the saviour party.

I'm not sure who invented the ipod... but thank you!!!!!!  

I swear if I actually had to listen to this 'music' noise I would have driven the car off the side of the road to end it.  Seriously... either that or killed someone, and I'm sure I could have found a lawyer to get me off by pleading insanity caused by Dionism... I'm sure of it.

Just thinking about her has my blood pressure boiling.. I need to calm myself down.....

hmph... so much for that idea, I was gonna post a Lenny video here, or even a link to one of his songs, but I am not allowed to do so it seems. 
In that case, I shall leave you dear reader as I head off to put my ipod back on.... later.... peace and all that.

(but how about a couple pics.. one a little risque.. nice abs!)

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