Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Way Out

I am trapped!!!

Like a caged animal would be.

I run to the first corner, no way out.  My lack of vehicle eliminates ANY of the possibilities that await me.

I scramble to the second corner. The limited funds that are coming into my bank account make the above corner harder to leave.  How can I dig my way out of this one?  No money means no way to escape from the first corner.

I trip and fall as I make my way to the third corner.  I hang on to the fencing as I look through and see what I could have if I had the vehicle with the money that I don't have.

With my head hanging in disappointment I shuffle slowly to the last corner and find that it too is blocked.  Not only is it locked it is also covered so that I cannot even see past the rusted metal bars.

Dropping to the ground and leaning on the cold hard fencing that makes my escape impossible I look around at my cage.

Those I love come and go not leaving me entirely alone and for that I am grateful, making my time here a little more bearable.
One day I shall find the energy to climb these walls.

One day

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