Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring is FINALLY here!!!

Oh Joy! It is beautiful outside today. (this was actually written yesterday, I just forgot to post it!)

I sit in my yard with my furry kids as they massacre stuffies all over the yard.  Well actually only Penny is interested in demolishing her baby, making me wonder at her mothering instincts.. good thing we are looking at getting her spade.

The buds are all out on the trees, (it's about time) and that also means the 'sticky buds' from the poplar trees.  The kids will be covered in them soon with their fur all matted and stuck together from the sap.  Soon after the fluff will fill the air.  Luckily I am not prone to allergies or hay fever so this event I find quite pretty and is a true sign that spring is really here.

The many birds are singing away calling out love songs to each other... flies have been buzzing by my head on their way to the poop buckets by the kennels... mmm a smorgishborg of goodness for these disgusting insects.
I've even seen the odd butterfly flit past the pups as they lay basking in the warmth of the sun... brave butterfly, they do not realize how quick my Rocky boy is at catching 'things' mid flight.

There is a breeze, and it has a slight crispness to it letting it be known that there is still a touch of winter to be shared before we can officially say we are on our way to summer.  We almost always have snow by the May long weekend.. and I know this to be true this year as the work car I drive has had it's winter tires off today... fate... karma... call it what you will, I just know it to be true.

To this I am going to add the next blog challenge... Something that I am missing.... I am always missing people.  Especially when I sit on my own in the yard with only the pups and my thoughts.
My grandad.. my father-in-law.. my Nana Forhan... I miss them all very much.. still. 
I miss my girl who lives too far away.
I miss friends who also live far away.
I miss friends who have just left my life.
I miss my Molly, my Emily and our Oakie.
I miss my store.
I miss my staff.
I miss my customers.

However today as I sit outside in the beautiful warmth of the spring time sunshine.. the birds chirping, my dogs playing in the yard, the odd shout from a child down the road playing in their yard... what I am missing is something I have never owned myself.... and that is the solitude of living in the country... with some distance between neighbours.
Don't get me wrong.. I really like my neighbours.. they are all pretty amazing people, and we have been seriously blessed with some incredible people who live around us....
.... it is just that I would like to sit outside and not listen to their radios... their music... their talk shows....

It has rudely interrupted my silence that I was so enjoying until now...

So what I am missing most.... is solitude... silence....

But it IS spring!!!!

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