Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Canadian Challenge: Sid, Marcel, and Josh

I did my best to contact all the mushers.
Time was against me though.  Mushers are a hard breed to get hold of, they are either running dogs, getting food and supplies organized for dogs, or are out earning money so they can turn it all back to their dogs!

I told you this sport is ALL about the dogs didn't I?

Well I missed speaking with three mushers.  It does not make them any less an important part of this race.

Sid Robinson I know is also a local musher from La Ronge and has been running dogs for more than a decade.  He gave Earl a run for his money at the last Canadian Challenge and I wonder if there are any new strategies to see if this year he will work his way around getting past him.   I have heard that Sid is a terrific story teller and he fits right in with the likes of Gerry, Rick and Earl.  Perhaps once the race is complete I'll be able to get some tall tales from the trail this year.
Photo Credit: Jim Williams

Marcel Marin drove here from Yellowknife with a list of many races under his runners.  From running the Percy three times, the Underdog 5 times, and the Yukon Quest in 2004 to name just a few.  Marcel has run both the 8 and 12 dog here at the Canadian Challenge and it's great to see him back again this year.
Photo Credit: Yukon News

Josh Lichti is currently living in Sexsmith Alberta and at 23 comes to us as a Rookie musher here at the Canadian Challenge.  He has entered the 12 dog and it looks like he is hoping to make this a qualifying run so that he can one day race in either the Iditarod or the Yukon Quest.
Photo credit: from the Canadian Challenge Web page

Good luck to ALL the mushers as they quietly battle with pre-race nerves.

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