Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Canadian Challenge: By the Cover of the Night

This is the best time to run dogs, at night.
They seem to want to run faster.

Night, a time when 'normal' people head to bed.  I'm not saying that there is even a touch of anything normal about me, however, I am going to bed.

At home in the comfort of my warm home, not sitting inside a cold truck, nothing to stop me from crawling into bed.  Although if I was there, I'd still be at MacLennan and most likely sitting in the warmth of the hunters tent that is set up at this check stop.
I would be following the mushers on the trail via the tracker, which I am doing here... BUT I'd know why some of the mushers have not left yet.  The worst part of being apart from it all.

Before heading off to sleep, apologies to all you handlers out there that are missing that at the moment..oh, alright, the mushers too.  (although what you are doing is, what I consider, fun).
AS I was saying, before tucking myself in I thought I'd leave an update of what has been going on recently.

Chris, Jennifer, Jason and Aaron are all arriving at Harolds Cabin as I write this.  I would think they will have a break here for about 5 to 6 hours (my guess remember).
Marcel and Steven will arrive within the hour and again they too will rest.
Randy should arrive just behind them by an hour or so.

I've noticed the last 1/2 hour or so teams pulling away from MacLennan, which still leaves 8 teams resting.
I think that Gerry has gone undercover of the night himself.  His tracker has not updated in over 2 hours.  He could very well be on his way to Fafards and no one noticed!!

It's going to be an interesting night.
I do think that Chris will lead this first 1/2, but I have to wonder just how fast his dogs can keep going, but he may just surprise me.

No, I cannot predict, all I know is mushers will still be running dogs when I get up in the morning.

So I shall say goodnight, but before I do I will share some of Rod A. Youngs photos from the start today.
Chris Wall

Gerry Walker

Jennifer Campeau

Randy Mackenzie

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