Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Canadian Challenge: AND the Winner is...

Congratulations to Jody Verge for completing the Open course that ran from Elk Ridge to Harold's Cabin for a run of 67.5 miles.    You said you wanted to spread your wings, what a way to fly!

The 8 dog race has had it's first musher to cross the finish line.
Congratulations Marcel Marin!!   His team came clipping in over the finish line with 6 dogs leading to complete an incredible run.
If I read the tracker correctly (which keeps freezing up on me) he was about 12 miles ahead of the other teams chasing him for 2nd and 3rd place.  Both women I might add as Anna and Jillian make their way home.

Marcel comes in for the win
Photo Credit Jim Williams
Marcel and his lead dogs, Giant and Brave
Photo Credit: Jim Williams

La Ronge is becoming a busy place as they not only welcome Marcel and his athletes, but the 12 dog teams are also arriving.  So far everyone that has made it in is taking their mandatory 8 hour rest.

Aaron as I said earlier, had arrived, and can leave anytime after 4:39 local time.  He will make his way to Stanley Mission, 78 miles north, where he will then do another mandatory rest, this one for 5 hours before racing back to La Ronge the official finish line.

Jennifer Campeau was the second 12 dog team to arrive followed shortly by her husband Jason.  The two teams have stopped for well deserved rests and they will be able to leave this evening, Jennifer at 7:24 and Jason at 8:26.

Randy Mackenzie arrived about 45 minutes before Marcel rounding out 4 teams and have all snuggled down, including the musher, for a nap.    A good time to rest as the temperatures are hovering at around -7, and it is much better to run the dogs in the cooler evenings and colder nights.

The mandatory 8 hours does not have to happen in La Ronge and it looks as though there are some teams still resting in Fafards.
One of these is Chris Wall.  His speeds at the beginning of the race were crazy fast and he led the teams for quite awhile.
If I am guessing correctly I would say he will be leaving for a run after having rested for 8 hours that will have him pass the Campeaus on his way to Stanley at 3:56 this afternoon.

I don't want to trust the GPS tracker at the moment to give an idea of where everyone else is.  I've been a wrong for a few.  They are not updating and then like the Ninjas they are, just show up out of nowhere!

Now  we wait for 2nd and 3rd place.

Oh.. and if anyone knows Marcel, please get him to contact me so I can do a proper bio on him!!

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