Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Canadian Challenge: Difficulties, Technical and Otherwise

So much has happened this afternoon that I don't even know where to begin.

Last time I left you Anna and Jillian had just crossed the finish line.
Celebrations took place here as I let out a couple of whoops and maybe did a very small happy dance

That is when 'radio' silence took hold.
The web site has been very quiet today, with the only updates being the tracker showing where the mushers were on the trail.

I could not get the page to re-load but I also could not get anyone to answer my questions. I was feeling very lost staring blankly at my computer screen.  Okay, not really, but that does sounds much more dramatic than, just getting my homework done.

So without further ado, a re-cap from what I could piece together from various Facebook posts, texts and messages from those that are in the know.

Earl Stobbe came across the finish line coming in 4th place in the 8 dog class at approximately 7:30 local time with Sid Robinson was hot on his heals to take 5th.
Jackie Wepruk and her beautiful Siberians are about 14 miles from the finish line to take the Red Lantern for the 8 dogs.

Steve Taylor sadly scratched in Fafards.  Details are unknown, but I have heard that he is okay, which must also mean dogs must be okay as well.   Fingers crossed for news as good as it can be.

As for the 12 dog.
Christina arrived around the same time as Anna did and has settled down for her 8 hour mandatory.

Chris Wall also arrived with 7 dogs on line from Fafards, and I have just discovered that he has scratched from the race as well.
Gerry has also made the decision to scratch from the race.

Scratching from a race is a tough (for the human), yet easy decision, when it comes to the well being of your dogs.  I made mention once that the race is all about the dogs.
And this is the moment that a musher leaves his ego behind, takes a look at his team, and makes the right decision based on their well being.

Jennifer left the check point at her scheduled time out of 7:24 to chase down Aaron who is running a terrific race and with only 9 dogs on line.  I think he may be very hard to catch.  
Jason left an hour later in hot pursuit.

Remy and Steven have both made it into La Ronge and I'm assuming they will both take their 8 hour mandatory.  I wasn't sure if either one had taken it in Fafards as the updates didn't happen.  I guess I'll watch their trackers to see if they stay or leave.
Darren is about 5 miles out and will be pleased to see a warm bed for both his dogs and himself.
And the Red Lantern for the 12 dog, Joshua, is about 17 miles from town.

All the other 12 dogs are in La Ronge finishing up their 8 hour rest in face Randy's team must be busy about now getting him ready to hit the trail.

And that is all I can tell you.
It's all I know.

All the hard work it being done far away from here.  There are more important things to be done than to update computers, a race needs to be managed keeping us toasty warm in our homes arm chair musher happy is the last thing that needs to be dealt with.

While I'm at it.. a huge thank you to Jim Williams for the work on the site, the photos and all the other particulars.
A thank you to Stefaan for all your help with the race, and trails.
And a big thank you to Bart for being Race Marshall.

I wish I was able to be there to give a massive shout out to ALL the volunteers that are keeping everything running as smoothly as possible.   It's a huge job, and we all appreciate everything you have done.

I have no photos to share EXCEPT this amazing shot that Jim Williams took of Jason coming into La Ronge from across the lake.

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