Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Canadian Challenge: Pre-Start

Just by looking at the photos you can feel the excitement.
Taylor and Lawton getting ready
Photo Credit: Rod A Young

I'm sitting here, arm chair mushing, 778 km to the west feeling pretty bummed about missing all of this.
Here I shall sit for the next few days as I keep my eye on everyone with the Tracker that can be followed right HERE on the Canadian Challenge web site.

Each musher has been equipped with a GPS tracker so that we can follow them along the trail.

The mushers have all arrived at Elk Ridge and are getting themselves organized, packing and re-packing, hoping to not forget anything.
Some are calm, cool and just wandering from truck to truck chatting it up, maybe hoping for a hint of the competitions strategies.  Others can be a bag of nerves that are best to keep a distance from.

Dogs will be barking as they sense that something big is about to happen.  Those that have already run these trails will be catching a scent in the air that lets them know they are in familiar territory. Perhaps struggling to stay contained in their dog boxes or chained to the truck while they wait.

Not much longer now.

Two hours to go.

In the meantime I'll be glued to the computer, following the race AND trying to get all this homework done, sigh.
homework on one, tracker on another and Challenge Facebook page on another.
I'm set

Thank you Rod A. Young for sharing your photo's with me.
Anna settling her nerves with a good friends help

Jackie, she's got this, these trails are a snap!

Steven finally at the Challenge,

Good luck to all the musher!!

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