Sunday, February 12, 2017

Canadian Challenge: Tough Decision

It is with a heavy heart that a decision had to be made in regards to my being able to follow and blog the race this year.

There are many, many friends going to be attending and I was so looking forward to seeing everyone again.  To join tired minds and cold hands for a week of fellowship and fun.

So many factors have added up that made me take a step backward to make this decision.  
I would still like to write about each musher who is running the race..... And I am still planning on writing about the race itself. 
I just wont be there in person to do a play by play.

Thanks to everyone who followed up with me and shared their information.  I'm sorry I wont be able to meet you all.

And for those that have not sent me their information... I'm still waiting!!

Yep, I'll even miss this place
Photo Credit: Jim Williams

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