Monday, February 20, 2017

Canadian Challenge: Race Order

Bib numbers are drawn, race order is set, and we are down to the wire, 22 hours and 5 minutes!

The meet and greet as I write this is taking place right now in the PA Exhibition Hall.  The room is full of mushers, their handlers and family members, past mushers, sponsors and many volunteers.

There is most likely a nervous excitement in the room, with lots of stories and laughter at each table.  Fellowship is strong among mushers.
I'm so terribly sad that I am not there tonight to partake in the gathering. 

I have not made mention of the fact that the start has been moved about 70 miles north of Prince Albert due to the spring like weather the mid-west has been experiencing.   
The lack of snow has been a big issue the last couple of years with last years race being canceled altogether.
As the trails are snow covered and do-able North of the second check stop of Elk Ridge, this is now where the race will begin.
With mileage being cut to 135 miles for the 8 dog and 270 miles for the 12 dog the start time has been adjusted to 5:00 PM.

Don't forget you can follow the race here on the Canadian Challenge web page
Now without further ado here is the race order.

12 Dogs will leave first

Bib #      Musher

4     Gerry Walker
5     Jennifer Campeau
6     Randy Mackenzie
7     Chris Wall
8     Christina Traverse
9     Jason Campeau
10    Remy Leduc
11    Darren Haas
12    Josh Lichti
13    Aaron Peck
14    Steven Laviolette

8 Dogs

53   Jackie Wepruk
54   Sid Robinson
55   Earl Stobbe
56   Steve Taylor
57   Anna Bolvin
58   Jillian Lawton
59   Marcel Marin

Open Class

60   Jody Verge
See you next year Anglin Lake (1st check stop)
Photo Credit: Jim Williams

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