Friday, November 16, 2012

Time to Meet the Dogs - Rocky and Penny

Five years ago we said yes to our sons purchase of three siblings from Richard Smiths kennel.... Five years ago our lives changed.  Five years ago our lives went to the dogs.
Penny was one of two females in the litter of pure bred Siberian Huskies, a bi-eyed Agouti with a strong personality.
In fact Penny is our alpha dog of the pack and because of this she can be a bit stand offish when it comes to humans.  She will sit back and wait for the others to come get their hugs and loves and then when she is ready will come for her share.  It is as though she would rather not be in the middle of a crowd, much too sophisticated to be in a muddle, actually I would say a bit of a diva.  Did I say a bit??
Penny hated her sister Molly, to the point of drawing blood and we were worried that she was a mean dog until we started introducing her to other non-pack dogs to discover she loves making friends and playing with new dog buddies... she just hated her sister for some unknown reason, and her sister hated her (Molly is the reason for the missing ear tip).   We were told once that female Huskies never forget and never forgive, and this was very true for these two sisters.
Sadly we had to re-home Molly, who ended up back with Richard and is in a happy place now.
Penny spent the first couple years of her life living in the same run with Oaky, an older experienced dog from the Wannamakers kennel.  Oaky taught all of her queenly, divaish ways to Penny, in fact  it turns out that Oaky was a great aunt to the three siblings so it was inevitable that we should have a princess too.
Penny loves to run, with me on a belt, with a scooter and in front of the sled... loves to run when it suits her... if there is a smell or something that pegs her interest then she will do a quick stop to investigate.  Her leader abilities were learned from Oaky and she knows all her command very well as for being a great leader... well again I say... if there is a smell or something that pegs her interest,,, you know the rest. 
Will she come to the Yukon with me... No... I have a feeling she is going to rebel with the distances that I plan to put on the dogs this winter.  She could surprise me, but I know my Penny Shpenny and it would be too much work for my princess.
Rocky my boy, brother to Penny, is a sweet heart.  A bit of a suck and scared of the kitchen floor.  He wishes badly that he could be the alpha dog and 'pretends' with Hubba and Rigby.   It is quite funny to watch as he bounces around them giving orders and trying to hump Rigby, he is usually completely ignored, making me feel kinda sorry for him.
There is a regal'ness' to Rocky in the way he sits with his front feet crossed watching the pack.  Or how he stands in perfect show form, his tail all curled up fluffly like over his back.  A tail he is very proud of I might add as no one is allowed to touch it... ever!
Rocky has surprised me this year with his running abilities.  Of course he loves to run, very much so.  His face seems to light up and he stands tall in his harness.  He has always been put in wheel and with his stocky build and strength it was a perfect spot for him.  This year however I noticed something in him when running doubles on the scooter with the puppies.  His ability to push them where they are suppose to go and his great listening skills to me when giving commands.
So when the snows fell and the sled came out I put him in lead... and guess what?  It is the perfect position for him.  I've been so proud of my boy.
Will he come to the Yukon with me?
I am hoping so.   We just have to work on our distance and getting him to eat on the trail, but I have a good feeling that Rocky will be with me in the North.

The three elders share a quiet indoor moment together.

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