Thursday, November 8, 2012

Here I Go

I've been lacking in keeping up with my 'blog' and for that I am terribly ashamed.  *head hangs in shame*

It was decided awhile back that I would use this page to record and share what I have been doing to prepare and train for the Percy that I hope to attend in 2014.
The problem with me, is when I become discouraged, I tend to back away from any form of writing.  Which only reminds me of how little I have done.
However if I am to take you, dear reader, on this adventure with me then I must be true with the ups AND the downs.

The word of the day, week, month(s) is discouraged.

I have been unable to meet up with the running group that I joined back in the spring.  The timing was off and I thought I could do this on my own.
I have not been keeping up with my daily runs and although I don't feel out of shape my eating habits this last month have been terrible!!!!  Bad me!

The snows and ice have arrived making running a new experience, one that I plan to work on with 'Yaktrax' under my feet.  I can do this, I WILL do this!
With snow comes the joy of my cross country skis... so although I do want to run at the very least once a week, I also need to get out on the trails with my skis.

As the snow increases (fingers crossed) I will be able to finally take my fur kids out as a team and begin their training in full swing.  It has been hard owning only 1 scooter.. and our little quad has been out of commission... so there hasn't been an easy opportunity to run as a team yet... I'm dying with anticipation for my kids.

The biggest form of discouragement for me is not the physical training (we usually are not in full training mode until now as a rule anyway), but is the financial side of this adventure.

Raising dogs is an expensive hobby as most of you will know and it does not end with feeding and vet bills.    Feeding however is expensive when you have dogs that participate in this form of activity, like any high endurance athlete they need a well balanced diet.  
We have struck it lucky in the meat department this year however and a HUGE thank you must go out to a very wonderful family, the CHAPMANS, with their donation of last years meats from hunting... and a help in finding more from their hunter friends.  Our freezer is nicely stocked and helps our grocery bill towards the dogs tremendously!

AND our vet became our first business sponsor!  A giant shout out to the Didsbury Vet Clinic ... you have no idea how much you helped us out this season.. it's a massive relief in this household for sure.

Unfortunately there is still so much to raise money for.
Travel expenses are on going.  We have no choice but to drive to our training locations... most of which are more than 2 hours away if we want any form of mileage under our runners.   Races are also a day or two travel for us which also means accommodation and food for the humans.
The scariest expense for my big race in 16 months from now is the vehicle itself.  We will most definitely need something newer that we can trust to get us north to Dawson City.

Lines, new skis (which are a big need this year), harnesses, booties for the dogs, clothing gear for me, a pulk, and so much more... all expenses that I have yet saved up for... gulp.

Discouraged... you bet.
I truly need a second job in order to obtain this dream, but if that were to happen I'm not sure when I would fit the training in for myself or the dogs.

So, you may ask, what is your next step?

The writing of lots of letters looking for sponsorship in many forms.   It seems to be the only way to get this dream up and running in full swing.
Once my dog boxes are painted we will have a ready canvass to advertise all our sponsors... I will even patch up my coats, ski pants, dog bags.. you name it.. we will be a roving advertisement board!

I love dog sledding and skijouring and wish it was a simple matter of just running dogs.  Racing  is also about business it seems.  At least if you are wanting to go further with your dogs.

Sitting here watching the snow come down, dogs laying around being couch potatoes, I cannot wait for it to build up on the trails so that we can get on the runners again....

Money aside... 
THIS is why I do this in the first place.
Well... here goes nothing then... the adventure to be blogged.. the good and the bad, it all belongs together. 
Here I Go.
signed, Rochelle, (yup, first time my names been mentioned on this sight) of Outback Huskies.

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