Sunday, November 18, 2012

Meet the Musher

I have been working hard at writing letters in order to gain sponsors, creating a new Facebook page to show case our training and team, and putting up tid bits here in order to introduce my little team.

It is my turn now to share who I am, but I will admit it seems pointless in the back of my head.  Maybe I feel this way because talking about myself is something I cannot do easily, or perhaps it has something to do with how few people I seem to be reaching in the virtual world.

I can see the numbers here and on Facebook and it is a little discouraging when I feel as though I'm putting myself out there for all to scrutinize.

That is the first thing that you will learn about me, I take everything to heart.  Anything and everything that happens in my life is dissected and analyzed.  I sometimes spend too much energy worrying about what others think.  Although I must admit this last couple of years I have done an amazing job of learning how to let negative situations roll off my back.

*Stepping into the spot light, adjusting the hem of my shirt*

*clears throat*

This is harder than I thought... introducing myself... selling myself.... hoping to find people out there who believe in me, want to invest their time and money in me.

If you have read this blog for any length of time you will have learned some of who I am. 
Married for 28+ years.
Two wonderful 'adult' kids.
Work with children in a middle school.  I love my job.
Live in a small rural town in the middle of the prairies in chinook country, only 2 hours from the majestic Rocky Mountains.

The year I run the Percy I will be turning 50 years old.  I do not look, nor do I act my age.  There is no secret to staying  young.
I do not eat extremely healthy, no diet of avocado or sprouts to share.  In fact my diet is lacking this last couple of months.  I really need to eat more veggies for example.
I don't have a routine of facial care to share, no soap or any type of cleanser is used on my face... not because I don't believe in it, it is more that I'm lazy and it takes up time I don't want to waste in the morning. And the only makeup I use is a tiny bit of eye liner under my bottom lashes.

I would say I am a tom boy at heart.
I am more comfortable in a pair of jeans and hoodie than a skirt.
I have long hair that I do hardly anything with... I don't even know how to braid my own hair.
AND I'd rather be playing out in the mountains than going shopping for new shoes.

There are faults.  If someone said they didn't have any they are lying.
My biggest one is how lazy I am.
If allowed I could sit on the couch reading or playing on the computer all day long.
It is easy for me to find excuses to not do something, and I hate that about myself.

Which is why I need to share my adventure with you all...
I love running the dogs... what an incredible experience it is.  Nothing beats the feeling of being on the back of the runners in the middle of the mountains with silence all around you.  The trust between you and your best friends is a strong bond that is not felt in any other situation.
I cannot wait to get on my skis with THREE of my best friends.  I have never done more than two and the feeling I get in my stomach at the thought of three is exhilarating.
We have not had enough snow for me to try this out yet, and I cannot wait.
So I'm not lazy when it comes to my dogs.

My laziness is something that I need to put out on the table for all to see.   I need to have that push to keep myself going. 
I had been running to get into shape.
Made it to a 5K race and was so very proud of myself.

Then the times of the running club changed, my daughter moved back home, and my work hours increased at the end of the day by a bit.
Excuses I made, and no one to be accountable to but myself.
It was much to easy to let it slide.

I want to attend the Percy in the worst way.   I am excited about this adventure.  One that I will be sharing with a new friend, Raija, and can hardly wait for our next get together.
My hubby will be coming with as my 'handler', a support person who has been nothing but positive in this quest so far.
However I am nervous, a deep in the pit of my tummy feeling.. a make my hands sweaty feeling.
I need to be in better shape physically and financially.

This is where you dear readers will be helping me out.  Why I have created a new Facebook page and am blogging here much more often.
I have you to be accountable to.  
I cannot lie... no really.... I am unable to lie, it shows in both my writing and face. 
I also have you to share my story with as I hunt for sponsors to help me get to the Yukon and run this race.

A race that myself and Raija, and maybe a couple others from BC, will be the first women to have entered... there has never been a female skijourer up until 2014.

So please check out my Outback Huskies page if you have not done so already.. subscribe here to my blog.. even subscribe to my Youtube channel (there will be lots more video posted there soon)... and share it with your friends, co-workers, the paper boy, your rich uncle and anyone else you think may be interested or knows someone who would be.

I know this was a lot of reading... but thanks to everyone who comes here and wastes their time with me, it is so appreciated.

And share with everyone!!

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Momma Arla said...

Hi Rochelle,

Just wanted to say how very proud I am of you for taking this huge project on! I have known you for many, many years and have watched you 'grow' in this wonderful sport which has become such a big part of your life. The struggles and 'hills and valleys' (pun intended!) you have trudged through over the last few years will not all be for nothing, my friend. They have all been necessary to bring you to this point to where you are confident to embark on this new adventure.

For myself, I will endeavor to bring your exciting quest to the attention of as many people, and possible sponsors, as I know. This will be exciting for all of us to follow and perhaps some of us will be able to live the 'dream' vicariously through the next few months and years that we travel this exciting road with you.

I KNOW you will be successful in this adventure of yours because you will give it everything you possibly have - that's just the person you are. Take heart, be confident and be assured in the belief that all will happen as it should to make it happen for you.

As the Bare Naked Ladies say, "If I Had A Million Dollars", I would give it all to you (well, maybe not ALL) to help make this dream possible. But since I am unable to financially support you very much, I pledge to support you as much as possible this way!

We are all 'rooting' for you, Girl!