Thursday, November 15, 2012

Time to Meet the Dogs - Hubba Bubba

I don't think I have properly introduced my dogs to you and it is about time you learn who is in our pack.
Everyone has unique personalities with their own strengths that add to our little team.  Not everyone will make the team to the Yukon, but no matter they all have a special place in my heart.

Starting with the eldest dog and working down to the youngest I will attempt to bring you into my world of canine joy.

Hubba Bubba
This big boy is from our friends the Wannamakers kennel.  He wasn't a lover of long distance and they thought he might make a better small team or skijour dog.
Well, we've owned him almost 3 years and at 6 years old I'm still not sure what he wants to do.
He is a dog who thrives in a peaceful non-violent atmosphere... if anyone raises their voice he gets immediately stressed. 
Hubba lives to please and craves loving.... ALL the time.  His life would be complete if you could pet and stroke him 24/7.
As I mentioned already he is a big boy.   Arnold should be his name as he has a rather large chest and shoulders, unfortunately he is a 'tad' over weight too. *I hang my head in shame*
The weight however is coming off with a diet and lots of exercise, so I'm not too worried about him.
I cannot decide if he loves to run or not.  He seems to love running in a team and is an excellent leader when the moment presents itself... but he hates, HATES skijouring.  I have yet to have a perfect run with him on skis... now.... I should maybe correct myself here with this... he does skijour with me in a non-stressed atmosphere out in the mountains, but in a race setting.. no way.
In fact he doesn't love to lead in a race either.  He feels the excitement of the day and it stresses him out big time.
However he is an extremely fast dog, especially when he realizes he is heading back to the truck at a race... I've never flown so fast on skis!
So will he come to the Yukon with me?
Probably not.  He is going to be doing some long distance running this winter, I think he loves me enough to want to please, and in the back country of the mountains where it is a calm relaxed run I'm pretty sure I can get him to run with us.   But to race?  I would have serious doubts he would be happy in that situation... but we have 2 race seasons to sort that out... you never know.

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