Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Luckiest Girl in the World

I feel so lucky.

I am so blessed.

I wake up every morning, albeit much too early, and think to myself,  'today is going to be a wonderful day.'
And why wouldn't it be?

A supportive loving family (even though some of you are so far away).
Incredible friends from all walks of my life (again some of you are too far away!)
A fantastic job with the best co-workers ever.

There is a roof over my head that doesn't leak,,,well,,, most of the time.
Food in my cupboard... although at times I think there is more dog food than human.

I have the best dogs ever and we go out together 3 times a week and weekends now that the snow is here building trust and sharing a love so deep that unless you own a dog(s) you wouldn't understand.
The puppies sharing their love.

I have put in place a training schedule for the winter... one I think will be easy and fun to keep in place.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights after work we will head out onto our local trails.  We now have access to two of them and this excites me.  

One is our race trail that we do consistently the same way each time so there are no surprises for my pups come race day.   The only difference is the weight we keep on the sled to help build muscle in their wrists and shoulders.

The other is on a friends property... it is a section of farm land that has a series of trails set up to help us build our listening skills and leader skills as I can change directions each time we head out.. a new trail every time.

Weekends are for races or to head into the mountains for longer more exciting and prettier trails.

It is easy to drop a training day.. a Friday if we have race for example.... but it's easy to keep to our runs now that I have a dog truck that all supplies are kept in.  Just load dogs, water and away we go!
On Monday my daughter and I came home from work.. pulled on snow pants, filled water buckets, and loaded dogs into the truck.. we made our way to the race sight..ran the 4 mile trail.. water and snacked the fur kids then headed back home..... the entire process took about 1 1/2 hours from start to finish.
I would like to add another 4 miles starting tonight.. so... another 20 minutes or so... nothing in the scope of an entire day. 

I love running dogs... the feel of the runners under my feet... the power of the dogs ahead of me... the silent communication between us all.... the excitement they share before a run and the joy they have across their faces when we are done.
Sharing this sport with my family and friends is top on my list it is not something to be kept secret. 
And with us needing weight on the sled it's a great excuse to share the joy.

I must say my luck this year is also extended to Miss Mother Nature... or Old Man Winter... thanks for the snows and cooler temps this year that have decided to stick around thus far... we couldn't be happier!

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