Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tales of Monsters, Creepy Crawlers and Heros

This story began about a month ago.

Sitting on my throne, my mind a million light years away. Unaware of events that were about to unfold as life as I knew it in my reading room would be changed in a blink of an eye.
No, seriously, I blinked and caught movement to my left.

And there it was.
The largest, hairiest spider this house has ever seen.
Really it was as large as a baby kitten with hair that fluttered in the breeze.
It's eyes were so large I could see my reflection of horror as I watched the terrifying creature lick it's enormous fangs.

I froze, my terrified brain registering a thought of "if you don't move it wont see you"... I mean after all this gigantic arachnid might just crawl on me and then we'd have a serious problem. I'm not sure exactly what would happen, but I was not about to find out..... So instead I sat un-moving eyes locked on the slow moving creepy hairy monster as it made it's way under the cabinet in the corner of the room.

I leaned back as a wave of relief washed over me, muscles relaxing, breathing returning to normal.

The next day I returned to my reading room and stopped dead in the doorway as THE one question raced through my mind....

"Where is this monster now?  Is it laying in wait for me under a book?  Behind my seat?  Or is it still under the cabinet?"

I groaned. How am I ever going to be comfortable in my room again?  I knew it was only a matter of time before I would come face to face with the worlds largest spider.
Arg!!  What if it is having babies under my cabinet as we speak?
Or worse yet... what if it has made it's way up to my bedroom???  Will I ever sleep again?

Days passed and as I had yet to come face to face with my horrifying friend I began to feel as if perhaps it was all just a bad dream.   Although this thought did not stop me from checking behind the door, or shaking out the towels on a daily basis.

This story does however have a happy ending... my hero arrived in the form of 'the hubby'... One evening as the sun made it's way below the horizon, the light casting gloomy shadows on the wall, hubby made his way into the reading room for a brief stop before heading up to bed.  Standing in the silence of the darkening room he happened to look down, and there only inches away from his foot was the creature.

I'm not sure the order of events that ensued after their meeting, but it involved swords, epic battles, fire and an honourable ending. 

I'm not sure why this particular spider had me all worked up as it did... I have been known to make friends with the enemy, perhaps it wasn't big enough?

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