Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Daily Motivation

This getting myself (and dogs) into shape and eventually ready for the 100 mile race I wanna do on skis is going to get harder (in my own head) as I move forward.

So I thought that if I work on motivating myself daily it may actually keep me moving forward and positive and at the same time will be a record of my journey that I can look back on.
I've decided to do it here in public as a blog making me accountable for the work that is set out in front of me.
The other members of my 'adventure' team all live too far to meet daily or even weekly for training so by using a public forum of sorts it will keep me from sliding backwards and even help me get over any walls I may encounter.

This journey that I am embarking on is exciting, yet I know there will be set backs and if I can remember to think of these as stepping stones forward then there will be no reason to stop.

 So today I begin simply


Rob said...

"Daily motivation" -- aye, there's the rub! :)

This sounds awesome, Rochelle. GO FOR IT!

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