Monday, May 14, 2012

Empty Nest Mothers Day

My first Mothers Day without either one of the kids close by.

It sucked.

Funny thing is we don't really do anything for Mothers Day... not really... years ago we used to go to Phils for brunch, but that has fallen by the wayside as the kids grew... and honestly I think it only lasted a few years anyway.

Mothers Day used to be handmade cards and gifts made at school that the kids were so excited to give me when they were little.
As the kids grew it was all about me not having to make dinner or clean up the kitchen.

Now as my first Mothers Day has come and gone with both my kids so far away that an impromptu get together is impossible, I feel sad...  I did hear from my kids, my son phoned and my daughter texted me... it was nice, but not the same as being able to receive a hug from them.

Made me miss my kids like crazy.

Instead I sat outside with my fur kids as we celebrated Rocky and Penny's 5th birthday by enjoying the sunshine.

Penny spent her day sleeping in the shade
                                                                           Rocky sang his own birthday song

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