Saturday, May 26, 2012

Set Back #1

I run three times a week with a running club and have been so proud of myself.

Even on Thursday when I wasn't feeling all that great I slugged through and got it done... if I had been alone I'm sure I would have quit before I was finished.

I have a mantra that I repeat when it gets hard.

"March 2014, March 2014, March 2014...."

Simply translated ...

"I can do this, I will do this, I can do this, I will do this...."

Sadly I have to report that I have hit my first hurdle.
At least that is what I think happened.
I awoke last night to a nagging pain in my left ankle.
It hurts like a son of a... but I don't know what I did...
hence the hurdle hitting....
 in my dreams....
I was suppose to run this morning... but I cannot, I will not.
Not wanting to do further damage to whatever it is that has been done...
So ice and rest it is.
Hopefully tomorrow I will be back out on the road again.
In the meantime.  I hate this.  I WANT to run!

How to handle a set back,

In a large glass
slowly pour bailey's over top


coffee and cigarettes said...

Jesse would be proud! I'll get the glass for you.

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