Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Running toward my Goal

I've joined a running club.

A club for those who love pain.

Somethings happened to me in the last week.... I LOVE running.
I never thought I would think this way.  Over the years I have tried to push myself to become a runner... and every time I hated it.

It hurts.

It's hard.

Either my motivation is perfect (100 mile skijour race in 2 years), or the right person has come along to show me how it's done properly.

Oh it still hurts.

And it's still hard.

I haven't run far yet.... it's all about baby steps, remember?  But what I have done I am very proud of.
Just you wait... July 1st I will be entered in and complete my first ever 5K run.


ainnirbard said...

Oh, I like that one!!

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