Thursday, May 10, 2012


A very wise friend of mine once said that CAN'T stands for Certainly Are Not Trying.
I've quoted this phrase many times since as I completely believe it.

This morning I saw this photo up on facebook
My first thought was.... this is great, here is my inspiration for today.

Then I got thinking about it a little more and CAN'T popped into my head.   What exactly can I not do?  I suppose if my thought process was, "geez if I cannot fly to space today then I suppose I am not gonna go for my run tonight"

However if I look at it in the form of WHERE I am right now then I suppose I could say, "I am unable to run 5K at this time in my life so why bother running at all tonight"

But I WILL run 5K..... maybe not today, or even tomorrow..... but I WILL run 5K by the end of June.
I won't even talk about my future goal... it is too big right now and scares me too much to think about it... instead I will focus on the 5K race July 1st.

This quote is more appropriate.
Take baby steps along the way and in the end you will have reached your goal


ainnirbard said...

Or the song from one of the annual Christmas re-runs: "Put one foot in front of the other, and soon you'll be walking across the floor"?

I need to work on my own you aren't alone.

coffee and cigarettes said...

I know you can do it, and think of all the amazing side effects that come out of a seemingly humble goal. After 5km it is only minutes longer for 10k but can add years of healthy life. The experience, the new people, travel....nice!

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