Monday, January 23, 2012

Sans Facebook

I'm onto day 3 of no Facebook with my 250 or so friends.

I turn on the computer and as always I check my e-mail.
A deal of the day informs me that I can get liposuction at only $39.00 if I order today... Kobo is giving away free books, if your into German philosophy.. Air Canada has an amazing deal, but you have to purchase by noon tomorrow... sigh... no personal letter.

Moving on I click on the news.   CBC informs me that a poor woman was beaten in Mexico, and they found the 15th victim of the flipped over cruise ship.  I'm thinking that an exotic holiday is out of the question.
News is depressing, moving on.

Twitter is next.
College Humour leads me to some serious chuckles as I navigate onto their home page and spend wasted moments watching their videos.
Back to Twitter home page where I do not see anything more of interest.

Tumblr.... my boy has yet to add a new post.

Bored I move to Youtube but find the same ole' lolcats, talking dogs and a new Smosh video that did not make me laugh at all.
Bored still.

Blog, I read a few new blogs posted today, but there are only 4.

Bored... my fingers tap nervously across the keyboard... shit!!! did a bug just run across my thumb!!!Whatever it was it has made me itchy, twitchy as I scratch my arms.
I think the dogs are hungry, they keep coming to bug me...  WHAT?/!!??!!  Jeez, they always have to eat... why do they have to eat?
My fingers play with the keys... I 'accidentally' click on the facebook link... my cursor flashes on the login space... my fingers tap, tap, Tap, TAp, TAP....

I'm fine... I'll be fine....
Give me 4 more days and I shall be okay man... just need to get it out of my system.
I can live without Pro solitaire, or Bingo, or that snake game, or the bubble game, or golf, or, or, or... NO!... I can do this.  I know I can!
I don't need to know what my friends are doing right this minute... nor do I need to know what the poster of the day is...

yeah... Facebook is just so lame...





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