Monday, January 16, 2012

Facebook Away with you!

Since the New Year I have made some changes in my life.

The biggest one at the moment is my eating habits. 
I would have said diet, but that word is taboo.  I refuse to be on one of those, and will in fact not use that word again when speaking of the consumption of food.
I have been eating healthier and have cut out all bread from my meals.  In fact I have also not eaten any pasta, potatoes or rice for the last week and I feel terrific.... and have lost 3 pounds to boot.

Other changes all have to do with cleaning up my life.  Letting go of bad habits and all bad negative thoughts as these just weigh a person down anyway.

One of the worst habits in my life these days is Facebook or as I heard it called at one time, Crackbook.

I know it is a way to keep in touch with family and friends from all over the world... and that I do have. 
England, Australia, USA, and all over Canada from one tip to the other as a matter of fact.
New friends have been made that I have grown close to on FB, some whom I've never met yet.  Also the  re-connection with old friends which has been absolutely wonderful.

There have been some wonderful positives that have come from 'hanging' out on Facebook.
But there have been lots of negatives as well.
I did lose a friend because of Facebook.
I\ve also had some horrible negative comments come my way and have watched others as they are either being abused or doing the work of throwing words out for the world to see which have the ability to harm.
Also Facebook has a games option which I will admit I am addicted too and any spare time is spent playing a variety of card games as I build up my tokens... I'm not a gambler and would like to think I could walk away with my money safe if I ever visit Vegas, but on this particular site I'm a gamblin' fool.

It is because of the games that nothing is getting done around my house. 
It is because of Facebook that my office is still in a state of panic. (yes, I do believe a room can be pulled into a human condition of utter chaos)

So I am going to be giving up my Facebook addiction because that is what this is, an addiction.
I will not be deleting it completely, just taking a break from it. 

This said I am sad at losing the connection of my friends and family and hope that you will consider following me here on my Blog (besides I would love to see my followers numbers go up.. is that an addiction too?)
This next week I will be cleaning up any loose ends, some last connections to be made and then will shut down for a time.
I'll be back I am sure of that, but for now I need the freedom to clear the cob webs in my life and it just isn't getting done hanging out in the world of FB.

Take care all, hope to see you here or on the flip side.


ainnirbard said...

I too find FB a very big addiction. I know that when I take a break from FB things seem to be better. But it sucks me back in... Too easy of a way to communicate with friends and mushers in my area since I am NOT a phone person.

Anyway: Enjoy your sabbatical from it!!

Rob said...

Hey Mad Bomber,

I hear what you're saying. And take it from an old blogger: don't let your "follower" numbers have power over what you write or how you write. Those danged statistics can excite you or deflate you, if you give them too much power.

You're a good writer - I'm looking forward to keeping up with you on the blog.

Just don't blow anything up, okay? :)

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