Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh to Own a Doggie Door

It's cold enough to freeze the nuts off a dung beetle.


Well, it's freaking cold out.

Home from work and after bundling up toasty warm I head off to let my fur babies out of their kennels for a run ... and run they did!!
Jumping over each other, giving each other love nips in order to play tag or catch me if you can.
The steam dancing around their heads.

I too ran around with the kids, it seemed a great way to keep warm on such a frigid day.
Soon Penny and Hubba were giving me 'that' look.

                                                            You know. this look

So inside we all head. 
Inside to continue ruining my favorite pair of mittens.
       Inside to rough house and drive me crazy.
             Inside to see if they could get into the garbage.
                   Inside to spill a bowl of drinking water.

However within' 10 minutes they were all asking to go out again.
Then in 10 minutes they were all asking to come inside.
        Inside                      Inside
Outside                               Outside.
        Inside.                      Inside.

I was beginning to get rather dizzy.

By almost 2 hours of this Penny and Rocky had decided enough was enough and they refused to come in again.
Hubba just wasn't sure what to do.  He wanted to be with his buddies but he wanted to be with me too.  Such a dilemma for my big Hubbaloo.  He looked utterly forlorn.

So I went out again with all of the kids for a last romp around the yard before supper.... I've always wondered what my neighbours think, if they have indeed seen me romp around the yard with the dogs.

 Hubba was camera shy.... well..... actually he wouldn't leave my side, my velcro dog, as he was too close to get his picture taken silly dog.

Heading back into the house to grab supper for the dogs I catch a glimpse of an old summer friend cloaked in a winter blanket. 
I do love winter, but still found myself wistfully wishing that it was a tad warmer so I could sit back and let the sun beat down on me kissing my cheeks.

Soon dearest camp chair, it will come all too soon.

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