Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just Like Dust, They are Blowing in the Wind

It is cold once again,  -30 degrees Celsius or for my American friends -22 Fahrenheit with the wind chill today,
but more importantly, snow has fallen.
Not a ton of snow, but that is okay as the weather man has promised more to come each day for the entire week.  If we are lucky our local race at the end of the month will be able to keep its promised date.

My pups have not had enough training miles under their belts harnesses to warrant competing in any races this season, however we are going to attend anyway and leave the chute last so we can use the trails as we do in training.  Run about 2 miles, stop and cuddle and rest for a tiny bit, then carry on nice and slow.
It is all about fun for my dogs, which is why I am not going to stress over the racing side of things this year, besides, I have 2 puppies that are still learning the 'ropes'.

Anyhow I digress, this is not why I'm on here today.

Winter winds are blowing, and have been doing some serious tree whipping this year that I believe it has affected my brain.
I love writing.
I blog, and have 3 journals on the go.
Random thoughts, stories, and.....well, just words.
Yet this season I have had a hard time putting any of these words down on paper or in print of any form.  I can see the words floating around in that head of mine, but something freezes up when I try to put them down in wrtten form.

Daily I pick up a pen and open my journal to find the pages blank.   I doodle and write the odd word here and there.. but nothing of importance.
I also open up here in my blog or on tumblr and find the words do not want to spill out of me as they have done in the past.

Is it because I have not done anything exciting lately?
Or is it due to a blockage from my brain to pen that is most definitely the fault of the wind.

Yes, that is it, let's blame it on the winds.

   ey  ar
                    wing  my
                                                 aw                !
                                                      a           !
                                                         y!    !

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