Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friggin' Frustrating Fackit

Frustration wraps itself around me, making me squirm.
Making me want to scream!!!

We are surrounded in snow, a fresh layer haven fallen over night.
It looks like a winter wonderland outside my door.
Temperatures were just below zero all day long, an absolutely glorious day out.

Lack of vehicle, no trails to use and just plain un-organization on my part made it impossible to go anywhere.
I suppose the excess frustration came from knowing that most of my musher friends were at a race this weekend.
A race we were so not ready to go to this year.
I'm starting to wonder if we'll actually make it to any what with no transportation for the fur babies making training near impossible.

And here it comes, that frustration again, it's killing me!!

I'm just so frustrated with the frustrations that frustrate me so.

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