Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lessons from My Dogs #2

Enjoy the simple things in life.

These days our lives move way too fast.
We have instant everything at our finger tips.
We have high speed Internet.
Are able to text anyone whenever we feel like it.
We carry our phones with us at all times.
Everyone drives way too fast.
You don't have to leave your car for food, coffee, or even banking.
We even eat fast food.
And can use same day delivery services.

Do humans even slow down to notice the little things anymore?

I sat watching my dogs as they ran around the yard letting off pent up energy. 
They love to run, they live to run, they were born to run.
Yet each of them always stops to explore some wonderful scent, or interesting object found hidden among the leaves or under the snow. 

Dogs understand happiness that comes from the simple life.
They always take the time for a back scratch or a belly rub and hey, if you have ever stuck your finger into your dogs ear you will understand pure pleasure.
Share with them a new toy, which may just be an empty water bottle, and they will show you the fun that can be had for an entire afternoon.

But throw them a ball and watch as joy explodes from them.

 If we all could enjoy the simple things I believe life would be so much easier.


ainnirbard said...

What a great post! Something to strive for this year.

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