Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2nd

January 2nd.

A time for resolutions, you know, eat better and exercise more.  Promises that most of us wont keep.  This year I have decided to make only one promise and that is to just be myself.  I am a good person and will continue to be so and if that is not good enough for some people I know and have tried to get along with, then that is their problem not mine.  
Let me tell you, that assertion has taken a large weight off of my shoulders and it is only day 2!

January 2nd.

In the past what this usually meant was that the house had returned to normal.
Holiday decorations are put away for another year with no trace but the one lone trinket that always gets left out and forgotten.

However this year is different.
My baby boy didn't make it home which changed the whole atmosphere of the season.
It just wasn't the same.  In fact I would say it didn't really feel like Christmas at all.

Then why I ask myself have I not taken the tree down yet?
It is as if I am prolonging the season in hopes that it may stop reality crashing down; no he really did not come home and in 3 sleeps my baby girl leaves once again.

That, and I really like the way my tree looks in the dark with only the lights lit up.

January 2nd.

I sit here in the quiet of the morning... still a holiday for me as my hubby has another couple days off and has gone outside with our furry kids leaving me to lounge inside in my comfy clothes.... but not for long as we are heading out in a couple of hours with the four legged babies to run them with harness and sled, and you wont find me missing out on that adventure anytime soon!

January 2nd.

A new year which means the promise of new beginnings.

Happy trails and may they be blessed with fresh snow and perfect temperatures....... see ya out there!

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