Monday, August 1, 2011

August Rush'ed'

August has arrived.

I have been dreading this month for some time now.  Yet it arrived anyway.
A month full of emotions.

Happiness as I spend all my moments with my wonderful, beautiful, incredibly talented children.

Joy as I not only spend time with my fantastic kids, but also watch as all 5 of my furry babies play together as a team.

Pride in my kids in how well they've turned out, and also in myself as I work with the furry kids to get along.

Anticipation is present while I await news on a job that has been applied for and I want very much.

Fear if the job falls through as I have already given notice at my present position.

Courage as I face the unknown.

And now Sorrow creeps upon me with the imminent departure of my son... in less than 2 weeks.
I am not looking forward to this new chapter in my life.
I don't want my boy to leave. 
Yes, yes I know, let the kids go, and in time I will accept this move as I did my girl when she left.
However I find this harder as I know that both my kids will be so far away, across the country. 
The worst part for me is the lack of funds that will allow for travel to go and visit easily.

Then there is Excitement that I feel for both my kids as they head out onto the path of creating their own lives away from mom and dad.  Bringing that other emotion of Pride back again.

For now though I wander through my days with a lump caught in my throat as we approach the date set for my sons departure.

I need time to slow down just a little please and thank you.

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