Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thank you for Being a Friend

I'm sitting at the computer enjoying a morning cup of coffee (thanks Ray!) before diving into the task of cleaning my house (it is in a desperate state I'm afraid)
My morning ritual of computer play which takes me to my personal e-mail account, facebook (where I have to play a game or two), youtube (I admit, I'm addicted to that stupid site) then on to my blog.

My thoughts this morning keep heading to a friend who is having a pretty invasive surgery this morning, and although I know she will do just fine I can't keep my thoughts off of her.
This led me to start thinking about all the friends I have in my life today and from the past..... and am I a very lucky and blessed person or what?

I could not imagine going through life with no friends at all, or even only one or two.

Granted, there are only a few that I could share my deepest darkest secrets too, but that isn't all that a friend is for and I think I have a well rounded selection of friends that if I was in need they would be there for me (as I would for them)

So I would like to take this time to thank you all.

To family... my hubby, kids, mom and dad, sister and brother, aunt and uncle.. although you are family I consider you to be my number one friend(s) as well. 

To my Besties... I have a few of these... to say I have one best friend is way too hard for me to do...
There is my high school buddy, my childhood friend, my bestie from grade 12, my wine sharing bud from Drum.. these are the four friends from my past whom I'm still in touch with today and when we get together it is always a special time.
My neighbour 4 doors down from the past "gonna borrow a cup o sugar, which takes 2 hours to do" friend who I would call my trouble making, adventure seeking friend.
Guides created two very close friends for me, 1 moved away the other drifted due to work.. but I still feel very close to them and always enjoy and love being with them when we do get the chance.
And my first buddy from town.. our kids grew, work changed and we also drifted apart.. I'm hoping FB will bring us together again as the few times we've had a moment to chat it always feels as if nothing has changed.

To my scrapbooking friends... I never ever see some of you but once or twice a year at a retreat or a workshop, but when we get together I always have a good time and we share a good laugh. I'm always bummed if I cannot attend one of these events because I know I'm missing out.

To my dog sledding friends... I would say this is my most active circle of friends these days, and hardly know where to begin.... The lead dog, or the true Dog Father, (you know who you are)... The family who got us addicted to this in the first place,  those from the committee, those who don't own sled dogs but are involved anyway (used to be me, so watch out!), and all the internet dog sledding friends I've met lately.. which brings me to...

To my internet friends... these are many! Some of you I have met, if only once or twice, others I have never met in person yet I consider you to be my friend.  Through you all we have solved world issues and shared diet tips.  We have shared silly ridiculous stories that I doubt were ever true to sharing our heartbreaks and sorrows.

and then there is Mugs and workplace friends... This is my biggest circle of friends yet... from past employees whom I have gained true friendships from all ages, to past regulars who came to my store whom I am still in contact with and meet for coffee on a regular basis, to other business owners one of whom in particular that I have gotten quite close with.

I'm sure I've missed some, which doesn't make the friendship any less important to me, it just means my brain has not the capability to think of anymore categories to put everyone in.

Matters not, friends are what makes me who I am... without you all I wouldn't be the well adjusted, perfectly calm, law abiding citizen that I am today... wait!  How wrong is that statement?!?
Without you all I wouldn't have all the fun that I have in my life.

Without you all it would be a pretty boring dull life.

Thank you for my wonderful life friend.

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