Monday, August 8, 2011

I Need Help!!

In more ways than one!!

My son is leaving this weekend and I keep breaking down into tears as I try to clean my house on the one day off I have.

AND I miss winter... I know, I know... is she nuts??!!??
I must be.

I will admit I'm loving the warm weather (when we get it) and laying in the hammock with the dogs playing around me, the sun shining down on me (when we get it).

But I do miss the winter and the games the dogs and I play... I look forward to running pups in the snow again... only approx. 60 to 70 sleeps to go!
In the meantime I'll just have to watch this video of my pups running the Rosebud Run Trail.. however this video makes me sad as I miss my Molly bad as well as missing winter.


ainnirbard said...

I am loathe to seem summer disappear, but at the same time I cannot wait to run the dogs on snow again. Fall training will be good, but snow is so special...

Sorry for the physical loss of your son, but at least he will only be a phone call away??

"Yes, I am a Musher...and yes I am certifiable."

Insomnia said...

Yes, he is only a phone call away.. and it'll be nice IF he answers his phone.. young adults seeking adventure.. phhht.

I tried posting a comment on your wall and it still will not let me, I have been trying many things to be able to do so.. I loved your counting game blog.. made me laugh.. however not so funny if there was a vet bill involved... hope Gambit is okay.. silly puppy!