Wednesday, July 27, 2011

4 Freaking A in the M!!


Hubby's alarm went off at 4 (he has a flight to catch for work) and up I am too.
I tried to fall back to sleep, really I did.
My body hates sleeping I guess... I would kill baby kittens to sleep in until, oh I don't know, 7am!!

My alarm will be going off in 5 minutes so that I can get ready to walk the dogs... and as I write this the rains begin once again!!  Son of a ....!!!!

I'm gonna be one tired (and wet) Panda today


ainnirbard said...

Cute post! (Did you ever figure out what to do with all the ceral?)

Anonymous said...

haha... I'm a very regular person now :-) ... sadly it is the only cereal in the house.
signed.. Insomnia.. I still cannot post on blogspot.. hmph

ainnirbard said...

Well, at least all that cereal is good for something! How odd that you still can't post on to blogspot. Assuming you have a Gates computer (Dell, IBM, etc) have you tried a DiscScan and deleting your temporary internet files? Sometimes that helps clean up the gremlins...