Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Life

This is my life.

Un-finished projects surround me, 1/2 painted hallway.. drywall and plaster in more than one room... front door still in the process of being replaced... cracked front window... broken kitchen window.
Papers scattered around the living room, dining room table is now an office for Hubby with important sheets scattered among candles and table decor.
In fact all our tables are covered in 'stuff'... all my rooms in the house are filled with too many things.. in places they do not belong.

After the moisture we have had lately and with the sun now shining, the grass has begun it's season of continuous growth giving our front yard the look of an uncared for lawn.. doesn't help that last years plants now dead in the flower bed are spilling out for all to see.

Walk to the back of the house..... as you go be careful not to trip over the dog boxes that look so out of place now that the snow is gone, empty and waiting for new adventures with our pups... pass the holiday trailer that echos with memories of the the kids when they were younger and campfires with marshmallows were the most exciting part of summer.
Open the gate that has been part of our family over these last 18 years. The gate that is protector of our kids and pups, a gate that opens in welcome to friends and family, a gate that ages as the family does, yet remains strong and faithful after all these years.

Entering our yard most are surprised at how large the space is, considering the many trees that surround our property.  However I think most are also good at hiding their surprise at the many husky holes that cover our space... and the lack of grass that has trouble growing all because of these furry husky feet.
The yard is covered in puppy toys.. but not the kind you would purchase from the local pet store.. our guys don't have anything to do with those... nope.. throw them an empty water bottle or milk jug and, voila! hours of fun.  Old tennis balls are scattered here and there and you can almost follow their trail to the 'food' corner.
No matter how hard I try I cannot make this area look neat... an extra large bin full of dog kibble sits hidden behind a wooden board that is surrounded in old dog dishes (we have 5 dogs and at least 10 dishes.. hmm.. go figure), pooper scoopers lean against the wall as well as assorted shovels and long walking sticks. An old water bucket and a newer water container also sit in wait for feeding time.
The dog kennels themselves are clean and neat (after chores are done and the poop is picked up both morning and night)... we even have an old table umbrella that sits open over Oakies kennel giving the feel of a Mexican fiesta.... all that is missing is patio lanterns!

My life is scattered and un organized... my life is all about spending time with the dogs and the kids.. not inside cleaning and organizing.
My life is all about being free and doing what I love best.
My life is mine.... and although there are many times that I wish I had a 'better' life (more money... more freedom) it is my life.
My life, one that I am the driver for.. one that I am the only one in control of.
So. I plan to live my life the way it was meant to be lived... with love, and joy, and one in which I'm happy.
A good friend once said to me "your the only person responsible for your happiness, no one else can do that for you"
Which means.. that from now on.... I am going to work on being a happier person... living MY life.

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