Sunday, May 2, 2010

Am I Wrong?

I have an amazing life.... great family, a roof over my head, many wonderful friends, food in my belly, terrific furry friends and have done some pretty amazing things in my short time here on earth.

So why must I find something so trivial to 'complain' about?

And it seems so small in the scheme of things, yet it is bugging me so very much.... am I wrong to let it get to me, eat at me?

I work too.  I may not be doing the heavy manual labour that the men do, but I also work my ass off come home pretty tired after work.  And lately I've been working overtime trying to pull bad bookkeeping together as fast as I can, which tires me out mentally.
Yet I come home to a messy house and dishes in the sink... okay.... I admit, I'm a terrible housewife (I always have said that I'm not married to my house)... and I leave many messes around too.

So I suppose the messes that are actually bugging me are the two that have recently happened... The first was when I got back from my hiking adventure.. the second last night coming home from 2 days of scrapbooking....
Perhaps I'm being punished for my time off?  Maybe I'm not allowed to take any time off of work?
Both times I have come home to piles of dishes in the sink, no counters wiped.... a 2 day kitchen mess.

Now... this wouldn't be a huge problem for me as I'm quite capable of turning a blind eye, (you just need to see my house),, However both men are out.. one working the other.. who knows... and I suppose I'm the one now responsible for making dinner (which I was actually looking forward to doing today), yet before I can even begin I have to clean up THEIR mess...

So... the question is... am I wrong for complaining?
And am I wrong to ask that the 'men' don't get upset when I say something tonight? Which guaranteed they will both be pissed when I complain about the mess.


Judy Hanson said...

No you are not wrong to complain. You should've heard me...and I'm still complaining about it. Yes, we are grateful for our wonderful lives and what we have, including the men, or teens, or whoever in our lives that help make life enjoyable....and as much as we do for them....I, oddly enough, hear a bit of complaining from them. So go ahead......everyone needs a little reminder once in awhile.

Insomnia said...

told ya they'd get pissed... the hubby frustrated "I have to work, and come home to this" ... the boy... well... sigh, that was about it, he chose to just ignore and leave the room.
I just don't get it....