Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Excess Baggage

We all carry baggage with us through life.

Depending on your family life and events through childhood some begin carrying it earlier than others.  However as adults we all shoulder a backpack and as a rule of thumb it should never be more than 30% of your body weight... and lifes baggage should be the same.

It would be wonderful if we all could just have small day packs with very little inside... and it should be that way.  From time to time we need to stop and remove some of what's inside... store it away in a memory box, label it lessons learned.

Sadly there are people out there who carry it all... and their backpacks get so heavy weighing down on their shoulders... making life miserable as they burden this weight.
Then there are those who also pull along with them luggage on wheels, one in each hand, and carry ons hanging off of each shoulder. And when those are too full they will strap on to each leg more bags that they drag along with them.  Usually they are carrying others stuff along with their own because they are easily taken advantage of by family and friends who fill up their bags.

Don't get me wrong it is a nice gesture to help shoulder someones weight once in a while.. but you need to learn when to hand it back.

I know some people with this excess baggage and find it difficult to wait for them as they haul their load.  I get tired of hearing about how heavy it is when I know it would be just as easy for them to leave it behind.  They must have many in their lives who have walked on ahead leaving them alone as they slowly trudge through life. 
Those who have been left behind due to these heavy burdens are going to be very lonely when they realize that all they are left with is bags... it is people who keep us happy... fullfilled.... and wanted, not our mistakes or even memories (although good ones are nice to frame and keep hung up where we can see them)
Once your bags are empty there wont be much left in life if you have been left behind.

It's a wonderful feeling to lighten the load.. .I know... I've been doing it alot lately.

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Carole Forhan said...

Hi Shelley, I've just discovered your blog pages and so glad that your burdens will be lighter come July. Then, hopefully, you will be filling them up again with happy memories when you start the next phase of your life. You are about the age that Dad was when he moved to Drumheller to start a whole new career and life out West. You have to know that Dad and I are so very, very proud of all our kids. You've worked hard all your lives and you're all such a blessing, a brucha, and we love you to pieces. xoxoxoxoMom