Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dogs...The perfect friend

My dogs.... I love my dogs, and they love me.

I've decided to surround myself in dogs.
They don't care what you look like, how you dress, if you've brushed your hair or your teeth.
They will listen to whatever you want to talk about and don't make fun of your off key singing.
My dogs couldn't care less if I am successful or what kind of car I drive.

They love me for me and unconditionally.  All they ask for in return is a good run, food in their belly and to be loved right back (a good scratch behind an ear and a cuddle daily).

And no matter what they are there when I need a cuddle myself. They seem to understand when I'm upset and will come sit by my side (unless a bird flies too close or a squirrel runs up to the fence).
The never sit and complain about family or the weather or, well, anything... and when I'm with them the need to do the same leaves me... no matter what the weather they always seem to be happy as long as I'm out there to play with them. 

I love my dogs.... and they love me back.... what more could I ask for?

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