Sunday, March 28, 2010


I'm sitting outside lap top on my lap (hence the name 'lap top), sun shining down on my shoulders enjoying this wonderful March day. 
If it wasn't for the wind, it would feel like a summers afternoon, well that and the fact that the grass is still brown and the leaves are not yet out on the trees.

Signs that Spring has arrived are all around me.
The little green shoots of grass trying so hard to poke their way above the ground regardless of the relentless pounding of puppy feet.
The buds are out on my trees, and soon they will be throwing their bud covers everywhere making life a sticky yellow mess for my dogs.

The dogs themselves are showing signs of the changing season.  Their winter coats are beginning to blow giving them that scruffy look of un cared for pups.  The girls have all gone into 'heat' meaning that they are more vocal than before, looking for that man to help them out with their genetic need to pro-create.  This will be the last spring for the pups that they will have to suffer through this as we will be getting in a vet visit this summer to change this situation for Penny and Molly will most likely become a mommy this fall.

Then there are the holes.... yes holes.
These are a defining mark for me to show this change in seasons... holes all over my yard.
Husky holes is what I call them.
I'm not sure what the dogs are searching for when they dig, but it must be important as they get a look of intense concentration on their faces.   It baffles me as to what they are eating when they do finally find whatever they 'think' is edible.  I've looked and all I see is dirt.

 Spring this year takes on a new meaning for me as it also means the time my boy comes home until next fall.  However that also means that I'll be able to pass the dog chores back, and that actually leaves me a little sad..... a little.
Well... Spring..... welcome back, good to see you.

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