Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adventures of canine walking

I sometimes call it a chore.
I sometimes wake up and drag myself out of bed, really not wanting to go, really NOT WANTING to go.... it might be because I'm tired, or it is cold, or just too plain early in the morning.
Regardless we have had some great adventures on our early morning walks.... and honestly I will miss them in the summer when the boy is home to take over the dogs.

There was the morning that two cars stopped us to inform me that there were coyotes up ahead, and not just one, but a few of them... in town.
We regularly hear the coyotes in the morning sing songing to each other informing to everyone that the sun is going to be coming up soon, we have never seen them.
There is a resident owl living just up the street from us and he too sings to us as we walk past each day.
The rabbits are a lovely sight... oh... this is said with much sarcasm in my voice. These white bunnies pop out of nowhere and bounce down the street with me in tow behind a couple crazy dogs fixed on catching said rabbit.
Yesterday in the freshly fallen snow there were deer tracks that set the dogs off, however we did not see sight of these smart fellows that quietly hid out of sight seeing my two fellow walkers.

My favorite moment came this morning..... minding our own business, me deep in my quiet thoughts the dogs busy picking up various scents of the past when out of the darkness flies a young man dressed only in boxer shorts... yup.. ONLY in boxers, no socks, shoes nothing. He had been getting something out of his car when all of a sudden a women and her two dogs appear from the morning twilight. Needless to say he made a hasty retreat across the snow covered front yard... leaving me chuckling all the way home.

Also this afternoon Hubby had three of the dogs on an afternoon walk when a cat, a silly stupid cat (I apologize to those cat people, but when you own as many dogs as we do, cats are a pain in the ass on walks.. worse than rabbits)... a stupid, silly cat came out of nowhere and lured the three dogs into a corner... it was all Hubby could do to keep the dogs off... in fact Molly received a souvenier, a lovely scratch across her nose that did not even phase her.
Well the cat was spared by a retreat to the roof of a garage, and Hubby was spared by having to deal with said pussy cat all over someones front lawn.

Yes the adventures of walking dogs.

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