Monday, March 15, 2010



I can't seem to turn my computer on without heading to my various links that take me to anything to do with the Iditarod.

Current Standings... Lance is in the lead.... 10 minutes ago he is still in the lead, 5 minutes ago... yup, still in the lead... my fingers itch to click on that link again.... ahhhhh!

It isn't as bad now that I cannot get onto the GPS, that I could watch them actually move.... it seems boring, but when you bounce between that and the stories that are out there I found it quite interesting.
I'm not sure if my fascination with this is all due to the fact that I was able to run the Wannamakers dogs this winter with them, giving me a teeny tiny feel of what long distance running is like.

How wonderful to be able to run a race like that... well maybe a smaller version, like perhaps 200 miles instead of the almost 1000.

And as cool as it is to watch the leaders, I am actually more focused on the back of the pack, probably because that is where I would be, and most rookies are.... I wonder how they are doing? It is a really cold year it seems, and how does it feel to know that there are a group of mushers all coming into Nome by tomorrow afternoon when they have almost 5 days to go yet.

I would love to go.... to volunteer my time at one of the check stops... to work hard, yet get to meet the many mushers, and see these incredible dogs. dream the impossible dream..... impossible?? Maybe not....

well... off to check on the drivers again... I wonder if Lance is still in the lead???

I may never run the Iditarod, but I want to go up there to at least feel what it is like to be on the trail, even if I'm flown in by plane or run in by snow machine and not dogs.

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