Sunday, March 14, 2010

8 Foods that really are evil

Yup that is the title of an article I just finished reading.

8 foods that are 'really' EVIL.... oooh... sounded very scary and worthy of my time to read. I mean who really wants to eat an evil food, unless your on your way to becoming the next take over the world villian and are into that sort of thing.

So what exactly were the foods that were listed on this horrifying list of wrong doing foods?

Let me 'jot' this list down for you shall I? And if you will let me amuse myself I wouldn't mind adding my comments that had come into my head as I read this list.

1. COLA DRINKS.. well... yeah, okay... we all know about all the sugar that is in a can of coke, and those sweeteners are no better for you either... so blah, blah... yeah give me a glass of orange juice or water...

2. SOUR CREAM AND ONION CHIPS: Seriously... ONLY these kind of chips?? What?? You mean the bacon and cheddar ones are better? Why just sour cream and onion? It is not like there is real sour cream in these pre-packaged deep fried in oil treats.... and are they not all deep fried and full of fats, and calories all the same? And the salt content is probably pretty much the same also.. you can hear your arteries clog eating these things no matter what the flavour. This is one of those.. makes you go, hmmmm thoughts.

3. STORE BOUGHT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES: I'm guessing the idea behind this thought is the amount of unknown and un-prounouncable ingredients ... but once again I'm left wondering.. why ONLY chocolate chip cookies, are Oreos any better?? I say woohoo.... gonna buy me a big 500 grammer tomorrow and that will be my lunch!!!

4 FULL FAT CHEESE: So of all the foods that are evil... cheese is on this list? Really? Pop, cookies and chips, then cheese... because natural is evil I suppose.

5. CHOCOLATE DONUTS: Okay, this is getting tiring now.... why only chocolate ones? The fake cream ones are not any worse or evil?

6. BEEF HOT DOGS: Pork is better?... I'm thinking this article was linked to the Pork Producers of North America. (In all honesty hot dogs ARE on MY evil list of foods... if they were eradicated from earth tonight as I slept I would not miss those horrid tubes of grossness)

7. CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES: And again..... sigh...... I'm just thinking that chocolate is an evil food now, at least to this writer, who in my opinion was not terribly smart.

Now why would I say that about someone I never met before... well how about the fact that the title of this article states that there are 8 evil foods, when in fact only seven are listed... so in my conclusion the author can not count beyond 7.

I would love to know why french fries or any fast food for that matter did not make the list.... however it leaves me with a feeling of relief,,, I mean if these are the only truly evil foods out there then we are safe from all wickedness.

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