Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring has Sprung already??

I've had an amazing winter.

Traveled over 300 miles behind the backside of some incredible furry friends in temperatures ranging from -5 to -40.

I've raced my first ever sprint with my own furry friends.

We've introduced a new friend to the pack.... a fast Alaskan changing the dynamics of our family.

My son on stage, growing into an incredible talented young man.

My daughter finding love outside of her family... the beginnings of her 'own' family.

I cannot believe that the snow is almost all gone, that the mush, dirt and slop has arrived.. that dog sledding is finished for the season... we still had one more race to go, but the frozen lake is no more.

Makes me so sad to say goodbye....

I love winter, the cold icy breath that hovers around my head with ice crystals forming on my fur laced hood.

The energy my babies let off in the cold is catchy, the joy on their faces when they see the harness, their love and trust of me, my trust of them.

How many days until winter returns?

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