Monday, March 8, 2010


I feel old..... well.... maybe not THAT old.

No, it's not that I feel old,,,,, but I'm 'getting' old.

Could it be due to the fact that my baby girl just turned 22?

Or that my son turns 19 this week?

Or that I now am desperate to colour my hair as there seems to be a multitude of these un-coloured (grey) hairs on my head?

Or that I don't sleep well?

Or that in less than a month I will be over my mid 40's and heading into LATE 40's?? (ugh)

OR could it be that I now go to functions where I used to be the same age as everyone or younger and now find myself realizing that I could be their mother????

So.... does this mean I will now start walking in a slouched position?

does this mean I will start having to wear adult diapers? (although there could be benefits to those at times)

does this mean I will become crotchety and miserable, kicking small animals and young children?

does this mean my hair will turn blue?

does this mean I will smell like moth balls?

Nope... I don't wanna get old!

I refuse... I'm gonna wear my blue jeans forever.... I'm gonna smoke pot in public parks....I'm gonna listen to heavy metal and ska always.... I'm gonna dance like a stripper... I'm gonna wear lacy bras.... I'm gonna act like a kid... always....

Nope... I'm not gonna get old... no more birthdays for me!

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