Monday, May 20, 2013

Time to be Happy... and Just DO IT

I've been itching....

.... to be creative.

....................... to create.

My scrapbooking corner calls to me daily, yet I walk up to it to only stand there staring with no intention of sitting down to begin work.

My journal and pen have also been crying to be picked up.  Millions of random thoughts have been pushing their way to the tips of my finger tips with the nerve endings twitching and pushing to get me writing these thoughts down.

I have opened my book, scrawled a few lines down, but end up closing it opting for a sudoku puzzle that lays close by instead.

I have however begun running again and it is wonderful.
Running with my girl three times a week in the early mornings as the world around us wakes to a new day.
There is a huge need to get myself in shape this summer and ready for the training season this fall with my dogs.  One that will take on a whole new meaning with our big race looming next March.
Confidence soars through me as I feel fit and ready to take on this challenge.

At the conclusion of my last run on Friday I found myself staring at my watch after I had reset it from interval training to the regular clock.  The seconds were ticking away and I couldn't take my eyes off of the numbers.
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08..... on and on and on.
Seconds to minutes never stopping.

A sense of panic settled low in the pit of my stomach at how quickly times moves along.
I wanted it to stop, if only for a moment so I could catch my breath.

While watching the numbers tick along it felt as though I could feel the moments pushing their way past me knocking me over along the way. 
Reaching out trying to grab hold of it bringing it close and soothing time, "hush, shhhh, it's okay you don't need to be in such a hurry."
There was nothing to grasp onto as the moments rushed forward disappearing forever into the future.

Standing up I turned the watch away from me, brushed myself off and with a new determination in my step it was decided that these moments should not be wasted.
All this precious time must be used to my best advantage..... to live for the moment..... and in my moments I have decided to choose happiness.

With all the crap that has settled in the corners of my life it is easy to be brought down to sadness, frustration and mind numbing depression.
Yet with time rushing past at such an incredible speed I don't want to lose the opportunity to be happy.... carefree... doing things that I have only dreamed about.

I am going to live to my fullest.

AND I challenge everyone to join me.

Stand tall, smile and lets move forward doing the things we love with the people that we love.

The Percy and the Yukon calls to me.
I can do this.
I will do this.
I WANT to do this.

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