Saturday, May 4, 2013


It has been awhile.

I think about writing all the time.  I DO write with pen and paper, but have avoided and neglected my blogs for some time.

It is not from lack of 'things' happening in my life.
Nor is it from depression.

I've just been,
                            living life.

Spring has arrived here at Outback Huskies and thankfully it has been dry and warm out.  As I write this 3 of my fur kids lay at my feet in a peaceful slumber.
The others are outside enjoying the warmth of the sun.... which is where I will be once this has been published.

I just felt the need to pop in here and share my favorite song with you all.  I'm betting if you go back a ways here on this blog you will find that it was already shared.  To me, it is worth sharing over and over again.
Edwin - Alive
I should probably share a teeny bit of my spring break with you all as well, especially since many of you followed my adventure in the Yukon with Randy.
Instead of heading somewhere warm and tropical we ventured North to Fort McMurray.
 A city of close to 77,000, which sits on the Athabasca River, was originally established by the Hudson Bay company in 1870 as a trading post.  Today it draws attention, good and bad, due to the oilsands.
It is also home of Randy Mackenzie and his plethora of animals.
On our way up there we met Fred and his lovely wife, Diane for lunch and a visit.  I would love to spend more time with them both... what a wonderful couple. 
I loved our visit with everyone... Randy and Carol were the hostesses with the mostesses and I could have spent way more time up there.
Not only did I get to meet up with the Canine team again, but I was introduced to the many animals that Randy rescues, finds homes for and keeps himself.
We 'almost' brought home a baby ourselves... it was a close one.... if we had more land for sure as these babies are going to be rather large when full grown.
 Mommy and Daddy to the pups with Ray and Randy.


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