Monday, March 25, 2013

Missing This

I really do miss using this blog.... odd kinda feeling as it is not a person or a real place.

Yet here I am back on here telling you all I miss it.
I come on to 'Blogspot' regularly to read every ones posts yet I've been quiet myself.

I do have a new location to blog at but I've been absent from there as well.

The decision to use both blogs has come to me through my monster that follows me through my life.  One that has lain dormant for quite a few  years now.
Fibromyalgia that sits waiting in the background ready to jump out and make an appearance.

I thought that my Outback Husky web site will be used for my training and all dog sledding related activities that have to do with heading to the Percy next year, and here will be for everything else.  I will link the two together so for those interested (usually just family) can see them both if they wish.

Today however I do want to leave you all with a health warning.

I went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago now to have a filling replaced after it had broken in half  It was an older filling, one of those that we got as kids.  You know the metal ones that they say has mercury in them?
This dentist did not do anything special in ways of protecting me from ingesting anything that may come from drilling out the old filling.
Honestly I did not think about it myself until my Fibro began flaring 10 fold.

I have not had a flare in years now and was beginning to think that whatever had been wrong with me was not in fact Fibro but something that had been missed because of the diagnosis of said disorder.
Yet after speaking with a friend who just had all his mercury, uh metal fillings, removed and done so in a special way with drugs to help detoxify and keep the mercury out of their system AND then getting on the 'net' and researching mercury and Fibro I was left with an aha moment.

Thanks to my ever so wonderful dentist (who by the way has had to fix my tooth two times since the filing and will be seeing me once more to fix it still) he has set my Fibro off in the worst way.

I will be working at detoxifying my body myself using herbal remedies and diet now... and working hard at bringing my body back to a pain free state.

This truly sucks... having to deal with my monster at this time of my life.
I am too busy loving my job to take time off because of pain.... and I am way too busy running my dogs with the last of the spring snows to be missing it due to pain (which happened this weekend).

Let my experience be a lesson to all of you.
If you have the opportunity to have a metal filling removed have it done so by someone who knows what they are doing.

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ainnirbard said...

Ugh - that is awful about the filling and the fibro.

Great to have you back on Blogger though...