Thursday, May 9, 2013

A True Friend

What is a true friend?

Someone who is there for you through thick or thin.
A shoulder to cry on.
A willing ear.
The one you can laugh and cry with, sometimes all in the same moment.

You know this person will always be there for you no matter how stupid you have been.   Be it saying the wrong thing, a momentary lapse in reason, they know that you would never say anything to hurt feelings... This true friend would also understand that I suffer from foot IN mouth disease.

One who never judges.

My always messy home (I'm a terrible house keeper)
My lack of fashion sense (comfort is key to me)
The craziness of my adventures (sled dogs? 100 mile skijour race?)
Impromptu ventures (owning a coffee shop, becoming successful at it then selling)

I have been lucky in my life to have friends like this.
A friend who I could call anytime of the day or night if I needed.

There are a few who have stuck by me, who still call me their friend after many years of knowing me... really knowing me.

However there is one particular person who stands out amongst them all.
A beautiful woman whom I love very much.... and who I know loves me back the same way.
I would move heaven and earth for this friend ... as I know she would for me also.

My Mom
I love you Mom, happy Mothers Day!!

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